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Window Trim.

Like the tail-fins on a chevy or the doo-wops in a song, the trim around the doors and windows say a lot about the age and style of the home. My current DIY project, part of a grander scheme to restore my 1927-built house to something resembling an original style of the time, is to replace all the door and window casings. … Read More »Window Trim.

A Romp* through Science Fiction, Theory and Fact.

Wonderful stories about a new theory on menopause appeared in the media yesterday. I first saw it here. Menopause, as a topic, is about as socially awkward as puberty with saggier skin, but at least the drinking is legal. When faced with this topic, I do what writers do when they wouldn’t be caught dead admitting something directly effects them, I… Read More »A Romp* through Science Fiction, Theory and Fact.

The Value of a Tomato.

This should be simple. A commodity, with known nutritional content and availability. Well established supply and demand and therefore pricing. But it’s much more complex. Obviously the value of any given thing rests with the holder, buyer or seller of the thing. If you don’t like tomatoes, aren’t part of the tomato value chain and don’t invest in tomato sales,… Read More »The Value of a Tomato.

Recreated Experiences. Or how I want my vision restored.

About 50 years ago, a company recording music asked ‘It is live, or is it Memorex?’ suggesting their method of replicating sound [memorex] was so authentic, it was impossible to tell the difference between a live singer and the recording.1 Now, we all know there is a difference between someone singing in front of us and listening to a mechanical… Read More »Recreated Experiences. Or how I want my vision restored.

Why I DIY.

I like old houses. This started when I was a pre-teen, when my mother took me to see the historic estate of Parkwood. The history was interesting but mostly what I noticed was the house (picture below) and its architectural and design features. There began my fascination with older homes. How does anyone explain their passions, whether it’s for a… Read More »Why I DIY.

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