When the knowledge of science and business come together with a creative approach, ideas abound, strategies emerge, things happen.

Whether you’re interested in the Business of Science or the Science of Business, if you need help crafting or articulating how your business or invention will be a commercial success, visit The Spiders Edge.

For commentary on the impacts and trends in business, my blog posts take a generally light-toned approach to emerging issues.*

Let me entertain you, with speculative fiction based on what might be as new scientific findings are developed, or inform you, with my non-fiction, written to make science more friendly. For the academically inclined, I’ve made a few contributions in the field of business ethics, asking questions about the impact of emerging technologies.

Business strategy, information and entertainment – from a pragmatic, analytical risk-taker.

*  All posts on this site are commentary and solely my opinion. They are meant to be thought provoking, not business or financial advice.

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