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Speculative Fiction

My fiction toys with technology and how it may be used or abused by humans. I like to think it’s art imitating life. 

Short Stories Published Off-site:

An opinion piece about science fiction in comic books: Comic Book Science

A story about the purpose of pets: Engineered Magic: A Fairy Tale is in the anthology: Short Fiction Renaissance as selected by Sarah Seleky. (2014)

My first pro market publication is Limited Artificial Intelligence, in Buzzy Mag.

I have a short story, What Ails You, in the Amprosia anthology edited by Heather O’Connor which explores the topic of aging and the perils of using technology to try and halt the process. (2013)

I published short stories in volumes of the Twisted Tails anthology- now out of print – (volumes 2 thru 6), edited by J. Richard Jacobs and published by Double Dragon publishing. (2006-2011). The topics of these stories range from time travel, a magical post-apocalypitic world, a sun-loving vampire, and a vaccine to cure loving music.

Short stories published on my website.

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Paranormal

Country Life part 1 – Country Days – what are the crows squawking about?

Country Life part 2 – Country Nights – the life and times of June bugs

An App Fairy Tale: in honour of Tell a Fairy Tale Day. – silly tropes

On a Wednesday Afternoon – a letter from God, to me

Slams (performed poetry)

The Cult of Sleeping In  – on laziness

Enter Username and Password  – just let me onto the damn website

Time Change  – what are we saving with Daylight Savings Time?

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