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emerging technology

Everyday AI.

Headlines, subject lines, and business publications all say that AI is embedded in every product or service, and will be found in more as time goes on (yes, these statements are contradictory). Prove it! I’m going on a quest to see where I can find AI enabled, embedded or otherwise utilized in products. At least, this is how this post… Read More »Everyday AI.

What’s New in Innovation, 2024.

After a few years’ hiatus, I was excited for the annual meeting/exhibition/show of all things related to the future of technology and business. Sounds a little lofty, but an organization in my province (OCI) does a good job of pulling it off. It’s called DiscoveryX (the X is a recent addition).  I went, as I have since 2010, minus 2020 to 2023,… Read More »What’s New in Innovation, 2024.

Why both More Property and Less Property are Good.

Is a world without property utopian or dystopian? Both sci-fi and academic1 projections, or maybe hallucinations, of a property-less world exist. Going propertyless could be the new way of sustaining our physical environment. It could throw off the shackles of capitalism to work in a new harmony with fellow citizens of the planet. Or perhaps it’s a way the overlords of… Read More »Why both More Property and Less Property are Good.

What Entrepreneurship Could Do, 2024.

Entering a new year, I reflect on the cool stuff that the future might bring. A perfect time to hope entrepreneurship, or that innovative drive to solve old problems with new ideas, will deliver in 2024 and beyond.  My wish list of innovations ranges from ways to resolve societal problems to imagining just-for-fun products. We humans have some serious fundamental… Read More »What Entrepreneurship Could Do, 2024.

Should Entrepreneurship be the answer to Everything, Part 2

Aside from the philosophical question of whether entrepreneurship should deliver on every human whim, there are also circumstances where it seemed to start out well and end badly. A genuine need was addressed, making people’s lives better, but downstream impacts cause new problems.  Entrepreneurship shouldn’t cause problems for entrepreneurship to solve1. When I say entrepreneurship, I mean the eco-system of unrelated creative… Read More »Should Entrepreneurship be the answer to Everything, Part 2

Should Entrepreneurship be the Answer to Everything? part 1

A lesson from the textbooks: Entrepreneurship can solve many problems. Creative, innovative approaches to meet unmet needs or solve unsolved problems should result in business success because people are provided with things they want and need. But people don’t always want what’s best for them. Think: donuts, lounging around, fossil fuels, alcoholic beverages, toxic relationships, too much social media, deep… Read More »Should Entrepreneurship be the Answer to Everything? part 1