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Everyday AI.

Headlines, subject lines, and business publications all say that AI is embedded in every product or service, and will be found in more as time goes on (yes, these statements are contradictory). Prove it! I’m going on a quest to see where I can find AI enabled, embedded or otherwise utilized in products. At least, this is how this post… Read More »Everyday AI.

Unusual Ways to Make Money

I’ve recently learned about a few novel approaches to making money. They’ve emerged from the union of established business models and the internet, facilitating sometimes dubious transactions at the speed of electrons flying down a fibre-optic cable. Many involve buying things other people will want later, or in a different format, selling them at a premium to the original price, and… Read More »Unusual Ways to Make Money

What’s New in Innovation, 2024.

After a few years’ hiatus, I was excited for the annual meeting/exhibition/show of all things related to the future of technology and business. Sounds a little lofty, but an organization in my province (OCI) does a good job of pulling it off. It’s called DiscoveryX (the X is a recent addition).  I went, as I have since 2010, minus 2020 to 2023,… Read More »What’s New in Innovation, 2024.

Humans like Shiny and New, even for Vegetables

Having succumbed to a clever marketing ploy, I’m annoyed. Marketing is not my favourite thing, because it works. It works on many people, a lot of the time. Subtly tugging at our emotions, sense of duty, or self esteem, we are wooed into purchasing items we need, items we might not need and items that seem like they will improve… Read More »Humans like Shiny and New, even for Vegetables

Betwixt and Between Creators and their Platforms.

As a creative, I feel I should do the best I can to support my fellow creatives, but find myself wondering what’s the best way to do this. Creatives generate their own content, their art: visual, written, musical, tangible, untangible, informative or entertaining, and many other things. I indulge in YouTube videos about DIY, fashion, and cats, recipes from many… Read More »Betwixt and Between Creators and their Platforms.