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A Glimpse of the Future of Bioengineering?

The day started normally. After making the bed and feeding the cat, I scanned all my biz. tech newsletters, expecting more CEO shenanigans, inflation impacts, and social media business woes.  Not this day. I was gobsmacked1 by the summary of a research paper, done on laboratory animals, with possible implications profoundly beyond our everyday perception of the technological capabilities of… Read More »A Glimpse of the Future of Bioengineering?

Isn’t Adaptation a Good Thing?

I can’t explain how I just came across this article posted on the CBC website in February, but I’m glad I did. The title and tag-line are evocative : ‘Cities causing genetic changes in plants, animals. Wild things may be changing at a genetic level to survive in modern cities.’ Genetic changes [may have occurred], but not necessarily mutations due to environmental… Read More »Isn’t Adaptation a Good Thing?

Recreated Experiences. Or how I want my vision restored.

About 50 years ago, a company recording music asked ‘It is live, or is it Memorex?’ suggesting their method of replicating sound [memorex] was so authentic, it was impossible to tell the difference between a live singer and the recording.1 Now, we all know there is a difference between someone singing in front of us and listening to a mechanical… Read More »Recreated Experiences. Or how I want my vision restored.