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business ethics

How life changes after a decade of new tech.

The most fun thing I can think of to do with AI right now: imagine what life will look like in 2033 because of AI. If the robot overlords don’t delete my posts, I’ll come back and compare these predictions with the future’s reality.  Overall, my prediction is that life will be very different, without feeling very different. Humans will… Read More »How life changes after a decade of new tech.

What to do about every business, everywhere, and privacy?

It’s easy to raise alarms about the perils of any device with an iota of connectivity and its apps, and wonder what horrors of privacy invasion are possible. The hard part is to design happy endings between customers and data-collecting businesses. Current technology has the capacity, if so used, to invade everybody’s privacy. Possibly, a huge amount of information is… Read More »What to do about every business, everywhere, and privacy?

Re-understanding AI chatBOTs.

Thanks to an astute colleague1, I have a new understanding of chatGPT and its chatBOT, natural language generative relatives (sisters by different parents). This AI stuff isn’t as smart as I thought.  I was under the impression that chatGPT produced answers to queries based on being able to eloquently parse information from a bucket of sources. It’s advantage was the… Read More »Re-understanding AI chatBOTs.

AI that Writes like Us. Regulated.

From the buzz over the past month, it seems the natural language information AI, chatGPT, and its bretheren artificial intelligence thingies, will write all student essays, assignments, literary art, songs, marketing materials, letters to editors etc. in the future. Maybe.  My next step in the understanding this brave new technology was reading the terms and conditions of use1 from OpenAI, creator… Read More »AI that Writes like Us. Regulated.

Fun with Technology Trends

As a light return to writing science fiction, I want to conjure (had a bit of a passion for fantasy, too) the best and worst uses of emerging technology. Here’s the Venn diagram for how new tech could be used, with good, the bad and unknown applications. The question is, what’s in the middle? I’ve started with a short description,… Read More »Fun with Technology Trends

How Smart do you want your Smart Things to be?

In the not too distant future, all things will be smart. All inanimate objects will have sensors that collect information, and artificial intelligence to analyze and react to the information. A first generation example is motion sensors that have the sense to turn on lights when people, or your rottweiler, enter the room. Getting a little more sophisticated, there are… Read More »How Smart do you want your Smart Things to be?

Do I Know What’s Good for my Cat?

Recent moves by various governments have declared dolphins, dogs, cats, chimpanzees, and even animals in general, sentient beings1. What does this mean – the definition of sentience is consciousness of sensory perceptions, but how does it specify the way animals should be treated? A declaration that animals are sentient, like humans, provokes visions of trying to get dolphins to vote… Read More »Do I Know What’s Good for my Cat?


Seems like a simple concept: my stuff. You point into your purse, house, or phone screen to indicate your belongings. A story about Justin Bieber not being able to paint his car the colour he chose got me riffing on the concept of ownership. It’s complicated, lots of laws and cultural influences modify what it means when you own objects. When we take… Read More »Ownership.

Privacy and $2 Will Buy you a Cup of Coffee

Being right about something that’s wrong isn’t very satisfying. This CBC article reports that the mobile app from my favourite provider of coffee and donuts was collecting personal location data inappropriately. The story, highlighting a report from Canada’s privacy commissioner, supports my ongoing contention that apps, in general, may be evil.  The level of detail in the CBC post is wonderful, showing… Read More »Privacy and $2 Will Buy you a Cup of Coffee

Thoughts of an old Analyst about the Current Financial Markets

Origially posted Feb. 3 2021. I worked at an investment bank in the late 90’s and moved on in early 2000. Rats, it’s rumored, are the first to flee a sinking ship. In the brokerage industry, the metaphor says the analysts, the watchers of trends, are the first to exit before a big decline. I departed the firm in a… Read More »Thoughts of an old Analyst about the Current Financial Markets