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Inspiring Women

As it’s International Women’s Day, I’d like to mention a few women I admire for their entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments. My list is based on books I’ve recently read, either by, or about, each woman. I bought the books because I admired each woman and wanted to know her story.

A brief summary, in no particular order, of what I find inspiring in their stories:

Madonna. Incredibly hard working, tenacious and tireless over decades of doing her own thing. A pioneer in pop music shows and at the forefront of cultural change in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Sheryl Sandburg. Senior executive at Meta (formerly Facebook). A strong advocate for all women to assert their professional rights, coming from a very realistic and empathic place.

Tina Turner. Another hard working musician, who through incredible hardships, maintained and flourished in her career.

Kara Goldin. The perfect entrepreneurial story in the perfectly titled ‘Undaunted’. Tells of the founding of a beverage company from her garage, based on her own vision, persevering through many business hurdles and setbacks to success.

Arlene Dickinson. A Dragon, a venture capitalist with a heart. And an entrepreneur who recounts the story of founding a company in response to life’s misfortunes.

Buffy Sainte-Marie. Award-winning musician, who through her music and recognition as an activist, broadened a personal journey to learn more about her Indigenous culture and history to educational resources for many audiences.

These women are action and goal-oreinted, showing determination, vision, perseverance, self-direction, and courage. Inspiring entrepreneurial traits. Definitely worth a celebration.

Thanks for reading.

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