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How Does this Retirement Thing Work?

Friends have done it. Targeted ads suggest it. Financial advisors all but salivate at the mere mention. There’s a government website, with a calculator. Retirement. Or maybe colonoscopy, if you leave out most financial advisors.  Being of a certain age, the topic comes up. Actually, it’s been looming over my head since I had a stable income (or so a… Read More »How Does this Retirement Thing Work?

Recessions, eh?

The world, as it revolves on my phone in all the algorithmic splendour that various services slant for me, is petrified of an impending recession. In a moment of information-overload sobriety, I wonder WTF does that mean? Is it really: recession = economic downturn = collapse of life as we know it. More objectively, recessions are defined by decreased economic… Read More »Recessions, eh?

Inflation. Deflation. Economic Conflagulation.

Dizzying shifts in the stock market and cryptocurrency values with widespread, nauseating price increases feel like the perfect storm on a same-as-last-year paycheck. It may not make it any easier to pay 25% more for groceries, gas or home maintenance, but my way of coping with an uncontrollable situation is to understand how it works.  My analysis of the big… Read More »Inflation. Deflation. Economic Conflagulation.

Thoughts of an old Analyst about the Current Financial Markets

Origially posted Feb. 3 2021. I worked at an investment bank in the late 90’s and moved on in early 2000. Rats, it’s rumored, are the first to flee a sinking ship. In the brokerage industry, the metaphor says the analysts, the watchers of trends, are the first to exit before a big decline. I departed the firm in a… Read More »Thoughts of an old Analyst about the Current Financial Markets