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Academic and other non-fiction publications

There was a time when I wrote science fiction – some found here – (I love to write, anything) as a conduit to bring science to people: to increase understanding of scientific practices, to bring comfort with technological advances, to ask questions about the implications of emerging capabilities. This segued into a passion for business ethics. Science and technology are evolving so fast, writing science fiction to contemplate how it will effect humans and the planet is too slow. Science fiction happens in real time. So I write about business ethics now.

Many of my blog posts touch on ethical aspects of various businesses and practices. 

Recent academic publications:

Sage Publications has published academic Business Cases:

Facebook and user information:

and Google and privacy

created for teaching about these topics in social media businesses.

A business strategy case I wrote with a colleague about the wine industry was published by Ivey .

On the subject of the value of personal information, a perspective piece appears in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization:  .