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Where to Plant What?

I can’t decide which vegetables go where in my garden. Years past, I’ve chosen areas for various plants. Tomatoes all together in the best sun, everything in neat rows. But why? While growing things has its roots (🤣) in sciences of botany and agriculture, there are sooo many variables, it’s difficult to be scientific about it. And by being scientific,… Read More »Where to Plant What?

A Heritage Moment.

I’ve long loved old houses. When the opportunity presented itself, in a newspaper ad looking for volunteers for my local Heritage advisory committee, I grabbed a laptop and confessed my passion to the municipal officials, hoping for a chance to be involved. And deeply involved I have become.1 So began my education about heritage preservation in Ontario, municipal politics and… Read More »A Heritage Moment.

A Recipe for Eating Well

It took me five decades, but I figured out healthy eating: I stuff myself. All these years, I was trying to cut back what I ate, but I needed to do the opposite. Let me tell you what worked for me. It may not work for you, or it might, or it may give you some ideas.  It does involve… Read More »A Recipe for Eating Well

Gardening Season is Open.

Time to start the seeds. I like to grow things, although the amount of effort that goes into it annually varies with what else is going on in my life. The last couple of years there’s been time and space to devote a lot of attention to the backyard veggie patch.  It started with a new yard, with decent sunlight… Read More »Gardening Season is Open.

The Leveraged Lifestyle

It may be nerdy, or controlling, or calculated, but I have an answer to ‘why am I doing it this way’ for everything. For every action I take, there are at least two ‘why?’s. This is how I get the most out of life.  A few, off the top of my head, examples: Walk or bicycle anywhere possible. This one… Read More »The Leveraged Lifestyle

Inspiring Women

As it’s International Women’s Day, I’d like to mention a few women I admire for their entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments. My list is based on books I’ve recently read, either by, or about, each woman. I bought the books because I admired each woman and wanted to know her story. A brief summary, in no particular order, of what I… Read More »Inspiring Women

A Romp* through Science Fiction, Theory and Fact.

Wonderful stories about a new theory on menopause appeared in the media yesterday. I first saw it here. Menopause, as a topic, is about as socially awkward as puberty with saggier skin, but at least the drinking is legal. When faced with this topic, I do what writers do when they wouldn’t be caught dead admitting something directly effects them, I… Read More »A Romp* through Science Fiction, Theory and Fact.