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This personal website reflects diverse interests in entrepreneurship, writing, science, rock music, home renovation, a healthy lifestyle and a few other odd things. All start with values of truth, transparency and fairness, and are founded on a mission to provide helpful information and knowledge to make life easier for those around me. My passion for creative forms of communication and earth-friendly practices has taken me many places, where I apply the logic and discipline of scientific training and entrepreneurial thinking to do new things.

From a traditional professional perspective, I’m a scientist who evolved into a business person through a variety of career experiences, including those in investment banking, business administration, and technology commercialization. Over the past decade, I’ve focused on advising inventors and founders on all aspects of early stage business development. When not working with entrepreneurs, I teach business strategy, entrepreneurship, and business ethics, recently at several universities in Ontario. 

Not so traditionally, my love of writing has expressed itself in academic, non-fiction, and specutative fiction publications. As a fan, I’m passionate about music, particularly many genres of rock, and put it along side science fiction as social commentary, and ways of exploring new ideas and the human condition. 

Over the decades, my lifestyle has developed to include many principles of conservation1, visible in my approach to home renovation and other day-to-day activities.

Here, I post stories about my interests. Many people will have as wide a variety but not feel the need to create a website about it. This is where my personal mission to share information and knowledge comes in. If by writing about something I see, something I’ve thought about or learned, the posts are useful to someone else, then I want to share. My blogs let me give the information to anyone who wants to come by and view it. 

Hope you enjoy the site, or parts of it!


1this is an old term that is now included in the concept of sustainability