Thanks, really just Thanks

I am thrilled to have received two grants recently to support my writing. Each was competitive and awarded based on the quality of my writing.

Trying to find something witty, informative or otherwise useful to say about these, all I can think of is : Thank you. The support is much appreciated so I can remain independent and devote as much time as possible to writing. It’s hard work and full of financial uncertainty.

I could do some kind of calculation about how much it costs (in time, food, lodging, training, hardware, memberships and everything else) to establish yourself as a writer but it would probably come out sounding whiny and scare the willies out of anyone entertaining the notion.

It does provide an opportunity to expound on the important role of organizations in supporting the arts. Of course I think all kinds of artists should be supported by public organizations, to ensure they can contribute their creative works to society because we all benefit from them. However, I have a conflict of interest in supporting this position.

Another option is to share tidbits of the stories that won me the awards, which I will later, when ready for public consumption.

So really, all I have to say is, I am deeply grateful and hope my writing can live up to the honour.

oac logo 2014I would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

And thank Chizine Publications for recommending me for the award.

I would also like to acknowledge funding support of a Terry Fallis WCDR Scholarship.

And thank the WCDR and Terry Fallis for their support.

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