Book Review: Flashforward by Robert Sawyer

Rating (out of five *’s) ****

Genre: Science Fiction

Outline: A high energy experiment at CERN causes everyone in the world to blank out for two minutes while they see 20 years into the future. The story tells the global impacts but centres on the two scientists who conducted the experiment.

Review: Incredibly readable. I was drawn in by a couple of well done mysteries that resulted from the Flashforward and the intellectual aspects of the time travel or being able to see the future – the whole predetermined vs freewill debate. I was annoyed by the self-centredness of one of the main characters, but I guess it was in character. I admire Sawyer for being able to have long philosophical or scientific info dumps without it being awkward. HIs writing style is very simple – I have to look up pedantic because I think it might be that. NO, not pedantic. Pedestrian? as in pure relay of information -‘ he burped. then he walked into the room’ sort of thing. But it works very well, particularly in this story to draw out all of the complex human emotions

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