Short story: Limited Artificial Intelligence in Buzzy Mag

This post is to announce the publication of my short story in Buzzy Mag. Limited Artificial Intelligence is a science fiction piece about a man grappling with his limitations in a world full of appliances engineered to have limited artificial intelligence.

First, let me say I am thrilled to have a story published by Buzzy Mag. They have been great to work with and the sage editorial advice of Laura Anne Gilman strengthened my work. I’m honoured to be associated with the other writers who have their work published by Buzzy Mag.

I’ve been fretting over what approach to take for this blog entry.

Should I talk about what inspired the story? I was wondering what male menopause was like. It also struck me that we will  be having more and more inane conversations in the future as machines with artificial intelligence become more prevalent.

Perhaps I’ll detail the journey to find the right market to publish Limited Artificial Intelligence. It was long and required persistence, but I don’t think it was different than most writers travel.

Or, discuss the how short stories differ from novels, although I’m not sure I know at a conscious level. I have ideas that come out as short stories. I have other ideas that come out as novels. Stuff happens.

I could expand on why I think Buzzy Mag has a great business model (reading is free and there’s plenty of variety in the content) but maybe some other time to do it justice.

In the end, I am just plain really happy, thrilled, that my story has been published and my friends, family and colleagues have been so supportive and said such kind things about it. SQUEEEE!


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