Blog Post: I’ve Got Gremlins

I believe I have a colony of gremlins living with me. This is the evidence:

1. One of my cats has taken to howling when she is in the kitchen. This only happens went I am on the second floor. She wails like she’s been abandoned by Heathcliff himself on a bleak, icy-grey moor. When I go to investigate what’s wrong with my little darling, she looks up at me, all doe-eyed, and lets out a diminutive ‘mew’. I have no evidence that it’s actually my cat that’s responsible for this caterwauling, but don’t have other candidates. This is like the Schrodinger’s cat problem, only sideways – I can’t observe who makes the racket because there is no racket if I’m watching. Only by not watching can I hear the yowls.

2. My laptop has decided it will only communicate audio messages through ear buds. Without the earbuds, the speaker icon is ghosted out and there is an angry red light in the earphone socket. So long as I plug in the earbuds, everything works normally. It’s like the laptop can’t live without the earbuds, suddenly. I hope the infatuation will be short lived.

3. I have mysteriously vanishing toenail polish. On Friday, I had ten manicured toenails. Come Saturday morning, nine toenails remained perfectly polished, while one was perfectly bare (see banner photo). I wish I could explain this as a side effect of a wild romp on Friday night, but alas, no. I sat and watched ‘Angel’ reruns. I’ve seen wear and tear on a pedicure but never all on one toe. Did I forget to paint one toe? Unlikely because there are four layers of stuff (base coat, two layers of green and top coat) on those babies, so I’d say the probability of forgetting all four layers on the same toe is about one in a zillion.

And let’s not forget the squirrel who decided to play Santa and climb down my chimney last week. Or the debris that fell on the rails in front of the train I was in, causing about five hours of havoc for commuters (no one was hurt, just inconvenienced).

Perhaps it isn’t gremlins. Could it be a playful ghost, or any number of tricksing fae, like hobgoblins, brownies or kobolds? Or this is a form of hypochondria ( imagining that you have the same problem as the hero in a book). Currently, I am enjoying Tom Holt’s The Better Mousetrap. The protagonist is in pest control – magical pest control. She fights infestations of dragons, giant spiders and other supernatural things. Wonder if I could get a referral to a good supernatural exterminator?

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