New Story to appear in Amprosia Anthology

I am pleased as can be that I have a short story, What Ails You, in the Amprosia Anthology and honored to be in great company with the other writers in this volume.

This anthology is an annual competition hosted by the Writers Community of Durham Region, of which I am a member. I think this group, like much in Durham Region, hits a sweet spot of having enough of a population base to make it a vibrant organization, to provide diversity in its membership, but also to feel like a community because you encounter the people you know at various events. The WCDR has a great variety of events, services and activities to support all kinds of writers.


The official launch for the  Amprosia Anthology is on Thursday May 23. Copies can be obtained here.

My story is about a mature woman who wants to remain forever young, but finds the cost is high. It’s also about the side effects of messing with biology, animal instincts and the foibles of the medical care system. The inspiration for this story came from a minor character in a novel I am working on. The protagonist in What Ails You, Matilda, is the mother of one of the main characters in For Fish Sake. I wanted to flesh her, understand her motivations better, so I wrote a story about her.

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