Book Review – The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

Rating *****

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: A gang who call themselves the Gentlemen Bastards start out by trying to con a noble out of a pile of gold by telling him the will sell him the secret to a valuable brandy end up caught up in a plot to overthrow the existing king of criminals. Then the Gentlemen bastards are attacked by the usurper, who is also trying to screw up all the nobles and the head of the gang, Locke Lamora, seeks revenge and save the nobles and then screws them. Throughout the story, there is much death, gory violence and general criminal activity.

Review: This is so well written, ever detail of it is vivid in my mind and every page was a joy to read. How the heck did he do it? And it breaks all kinds of rules, like interspersing back story throughout the narrative. And having a protagonist that isn’t very loveable until about page 250 and having tons of vivid characters. The world is unique in a standard fantasy kind of way and being a criminal is very cool and the society is violent and magic exists but not blatantly. The violence is very creative and the hero just keeps getting in deeper and deeper trouble. The plot twists and twists, every time to up the conflict and make it more difficult for the protagonist to survive, never mind achieve his goals. And each time the plot twists, it’s a complete surprise but also quite credible. Spectacular.

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