A Writing Competition

I just happened to have some time this morning so when I opened Twitter and saw a contest for science fiction novels, I jumped on it. (And quickly checked out all the folks involved, who got gold stars from Preditors and Editors.)

Reminds me of the quote “Chance favours only the prepared mind.” ascribed to Louis Pasteur, who is a hero of mine because he was instrumental in bringing us our modern understanding of microbiology – or how all those nasty invisible bacteria and viruses can make us sneeze and ache and want to do nothing more than pull the blankets over our heads and sleep for days. However, a writing contest with the possible outcome of finding an agent, is much more pleasant than the flu. I admire Pasteur’s ability to see what no one could see and by doing so, he saved many, many lives. I’m not sure if the novel I entered into the contest, For Fish Sake, will save anyone’s life, but I know it makes people laugh, which as they say, is the best medicine. So here’s to good health, long life and spreading the word.

One of the requirements of the Dear Lucky Agent contest is that the contest must be mentioned twice by each entrant on social media. So, yes, I am writing this blog post to satisfy contest requirements. I also re-tweeted the original announcement I saw. I thought about this for a moment, then decided it was a fantastic idea. Everyone involved gets a little more promotion. Good for all of us. Kind of like how a vaccine protects more than just the person who is vaccinated – if I don’t catch a cold, I can’t pass it on to the next person I encounter.

Good luck to anyone who enters the Dear Luck Agent contest and thanks to Chuck Sambuchino for presenting it to us, and to the judge Victoria Marini.

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