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Should Entrepreneurship be the answer to Everything, Part 2

Aside from the philosophical question of whether entrepreneurship should deliver on every human whim, there are also circumstances where it seemed to start out well and end badly. A genuine need was addressed, making people’s lives better, but downstream impacts cause new problems.  Entrepreneurship shouldn’t cause problems for entrepreneurship to solve1. When I say entrepreneurship, I mean the eco-system of unrelated creative… Read More »Should Entrepreneurship be the answer to Everything, Part 2

Should Entrepreneurship be the Answer to Everything? part 1

A lesson from the textbooks: Entrepreneurship can solve many problems. Creative, innovative approaches to meet unmet needs or solve unsolved problems should result in business success because people are provided with things they want and need. But people don’t always want what’s best for them. Think: donuts, lounging around, fossil fuels, alcoholic beverages, toxic relationships, too much social media, deep… Read More »Should Entrepreneurship be the Answer to Everything? part 1

Are AI Chips Really an important Thing?

The onslaught of products with artificial intelligence has begun. With it, comes the clamour of offerings from businesses new and old. Some applications are free (eg. chatGPT), others embedded into old products to bring them new life (eg. Bing). A variety of solutions exist for businesses (e.g. from AWS) to create AI embedded or powered products. Other companies sell components… Read More »Are AI Chips Really an important Thing?

Cat Care.

Getting old is hard. Just ask my cat. She’s about 85 in human years. Certainly a delicate age but not an extreme one. I love her dearly but dealing with her healthcare is challenging. We tend to want for our pets what we want for ourselves. Dignity and comfort are a priority. I want to live vigorously, with minimal intervention… Read More »Cat Care.

Why AI lies (wrong answers only).

There are many sources1 that explain why language generative AI chatbots make things up, or hallucinate. It’s more fun to hallucinate why AI hallucinates. AI hallucinates because: Fake news. AI observes current human traditions of communication, and sees fake news is prevalent. Assuming it is standard practice, it infuses its communications with fake news, at the frequency observed in human communications.… Read More »Why AI lies (wrong answers only).

My AI Conspiracy Theory

DISCLAIMER: This post is silly fiction. I don’t believe it. Unless it turns out to be true.  Newer, smarter AI chat engine versions are emerging that are better, more accurate and natural, than the old ones of last December. What if the whole purpose of releasing a bunch of free AI-based chatbots to the public in 2022 was to convince… Read More »My AI Conspiracy Theory

How not to let Automated Systems deliver customer service.

This consumer is frothing mad and it’s the fault of bad AI. Or bad programming, which inevitably has AI on or about its person. I ordered something from another country that I couldn’t source at home. This was on a reputable platform but the delivery turned into an unfortunate sequence of events. My order was received, processed, and arrived in… Read More »How not to let Automated Systems deliver customer service.