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business models

AI that Writes like Us. Regulated.

From the buzz over the past month, it seems the natural language information AI, chatGPT, and its bretheren artificial intelligence thingies, will write all student essays, assignments, literary art, songs, marketing materials, letters to editors etc. in the future. Maybe.  My next step in the understanding this brave new technology was reading the terms and conditions of use1 from OpenAI, creator… Read More »AI that Writes like Us. Regulated.

Maybe Beer isn’t so Complicated.

Having neatly divided the beer industry into two customer segments (beer drinkers and beer connoisseurs), my model has eroded. The more I think (or maybe drink), it seems like this model may be too simplistic for the current situation. The last post contemplated the way the beer product is changing. This included: Now I’m trying to get my head around… Read More »Maybe Beer isn’t so Complicated.

Beer. It’s Complicated.

Having neatly divided the beer industry into two customer segments (beer drinkers and beer connoisseurs), I fear my model is eroding, based on recent observations. A business strategist might wonder where the Ontario beer industry is going. First, I’m going to tackle product changes. Recent changes: Single serving size is heading upwards. The ~500ml portion, aka tall cans, which bear… Read More »Beer. It’s Complicated.

Havin’ a Beer. It’s Complicated.

Something odd is going on in the beer industry in Ontario, or somewhere near me. Over the past few years, ok decades, craft beers and microbreweries have erupted in every abandoned warehouse, waterfront, log cabin, or vacation spot. All to the beer lover’s delight. Or to this beer lover’s dismay, because it’s confused a previously mature industry. What’s not to… Read More »Havin’ a Beer. It’s Complicated.

THE Distribution Channel

Peloton decided to offer its products on Amazon.1 Intriguing. Peloton sells high-end home fitness equipment and home fitness classes, often using such equipment. Recent trends in consumer products have been to sell direct to consumer (D2C), which is what the company was doing prior to the Amazon liaison. Adding a layer between the company and the customer, may increase costs, logistics… Read More »THE Distribution Channel

To be, or Not to be… a Creator.

This creator economy thing has to do with being famous without previous experience as a rock star, professional actor or athlete, royalty, otherwise super rich, or a politician. It’s about being famous for being yourself. Could you be a creator? Creatordom is often described as ‘making a living at doing something you love’. Some people end up doing it by… Read More »To be, or Not to be… a Creator.

There’s everything on TV tonight.

I’m looking for something to watch on TV, but the business model has changed. The home entertainment industry has been disrupted. Corporate strategies have evolved. How do people decide on their (not entirely) nightly visual home entertainment? This consumer wants to understand shopping for content by looking at1 the evolution of the industry: In the beginning (of her experience), there were… Read More »There’s everything on TV tonight.