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The In-Person Shopping Experience

I walked into a store, with a small tote bag, like the environmentally conscious consumer I am, and was asked to leave my bag at the front desk. I walked back out of the store. There were things I really wanted to buy in that store, but wasn’t in the mood to embrace the our-customers-are-most-likely-criminals or we-trust-no-one vibe.  I walked out of the store… Read More »The In-Person Shopping Experience

Are you having a meaningful relationship with a brand?

Two things happened to me at about the same time, so they must be related. Right? Ok, both were about customer service. One was kinda theoretical, the other a real-life experience. Theory and real life intersecting? There’s always a fundamental interconnectedness. Here’s what I experienced: #1. I’m reading the book: ‘If you are in a Dogfight, become a Cat!’ by… Read More »Are you having a meaningful relationship with a brand?

AI Personal Assistants – The Death of Shopping as we Know it?

Predictions are, in the near future, we will each have a personal assistant with artificial intelligence (AI)1 that runs our life. It’ll order household items before we run out, book social engagements, reminds us of upcoming events and related purchases (like birthday gifts, a bottle of wine for the hostess, or a new outfit to wear to the party). More elaborate… Read More »AI Personal Assistants – The Death of Shopping as we Know it?

Is it really in your DNA?

Corporations might be legal persons but they don’t have DNA. This expression ‘in our DNA’ is a thorn in the eye of my scientist’s sensibilities when it’s used to describe organizations. I know, it’s just an expression that means something fundamental to behaviour, beliefs or actions. Fair enough as a metaphor. But, I don’t like it. Because of my propensity… Read More »Is it really in your DNA?