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Cat Care.

Getting old is hard. Just ask my cat. She’s about 85 in human years. Certainly a delicate age but not an extreme one. I love her dearly but dealing with her healthcare is challenging. We tend to want for our pets what we want for ourselves. Dignity and comfort are a priority. I want to live vigorously, with minimal intervention… Read More »Cat Care.

How Does this Retirement Thing Work?

Friends have done it. Targeted ads suggest it. Financial advisors all but salivate at the mere mention. There’s a government website, with a calculator. Retirement. Or maybe colonoscopy, if you leave out most financial advisors.  Being of a certain age, the topic comes up. Actually, it’s been looming over my head since I had a stable income (or so a… Read More »How Does this Retirement Thing Work?

Regular Activities are Exercise 😉

As a fitness fanatic, I feel guilty not doing pilates, lifting weights or cardio workouts in the summer. Instead, I spend all day, every day, physically active: gardening, cycling, walking, and doing home renovations. To decide if I’m getting enough exercise or fooling myself into fun summer pursuits, I’ve sought some data-backed advice.  Three sources1 recommend adults do 150 minutes of… Read More »Regular Activities are Exercise 😉

A Romp* through Science Fiction, Theory and Fact.

Wonderful stories about a new theory on menopause appeared in the media yesterday. I first saw it here. Menopause, as a topic, is about as socially awkward as puberty with saggier skin, but at least the drinking is legal. When faced with this topic, I do what writers do when they wouldn’t be caught dead admitting something directly effects them, I… Read More »A Romp* through Science Fiction, Theory and Fact.