Where does the Edge come from?

The edge – that extra something that you need to move your business forward – comes from years of experience in a variety of environments, each an integral component in the innovation process. It’s intuition, but more than just intuition. It’s the ability to recognize when the same words mean different things to different people, and when different words mean the same thing. It comes from careful listening, translating and asking the right questions. It’s applied knowledge, knowledge applied in the usual way or an unusual way, depending on what the circumstances warrant.

The Edge – do you want to:

  • Speak the language of all the stakeholders and partners in the innovation environment?
  • Ensure your assumptions about the competitive environment for your product are valid?
  • Maximize your access to government/non-dilutive funding?
  • Stop worrying if you’ve missed important business development details?
  • Prepare for and make the most of discussions with lawyers, accountants and potential investors?

See this Blog post for the story of how the name, The Spiders Edge, was conceived.