Do you need help identifying the market for your invention, explaining your business to investors, or finding focus in your startup? I can help.

The Spiders Edge Value Proposition:

Crafting business strategy in the language of investors.
For innovators, founders
 of early-stage, innovative businesses, 
and organizations that support entrepreneurs. 

Put my skills to work for your organization:
honing strategy,
creating business focus,
developing funding proposals.

The Spiders Edge Offers Services for:

Innovative entrepreneurs that need a professional, seasoned in the business of building early-stage enterprises, especially technology (ICT, mechanical, biomedical and more) companies, to articulate plans and identify funding opportunities.

Not-for-Profits that need a facilitator, to deliver programs for entrepreneurs, or to bring together a group of diverse stakeholders to collaborate on a strategic initiative, or to develop proposals.


Ask what The Spiders Edge can do for you.

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Located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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