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What do I blog about? Writing. My journey as a writer from the day I decided that it would be easier to write science fiction to share my knowledge of science with people. Easier than writing science fact, because I was less likely to get sued.

But I still may end up offending someone, or more than one person. I don’t want to. That’s a topic that comes up frequently with writers. We worry if we have crossed boundaries, cultural, social, political, religious, just about anything is possible. Maybe some day I will blog about that.

And I’ll blog about all the things I do on this writing journey, from attending workshops, submitting stories to competitions, agents and editors, reading my work, participating in critique groups and, of course, writing. Writing every day, trying to be clever, eloquent, gripping and informative. Trying to get better.

Where is this journey leading? To better writing. To better reading. To allowing me to share what I have to say with more people, so we can all laugh more.





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