Speculative Fiction

My fiction toys with technology and how it may be used or abused by humans. I like to think it’s art imitating life.

Short Stories Published Off-site

An opinion piece about science fiction in comic books: Comic Book Science

A story about pets: Engineered Magic: A Fairy Tale is in the anthology: Short Fiction Renaissance as selected by Sarah Seleky.

My first pro market publication is Limited Artificial Intelligence, in Buzzy Mag.

I have a short story, What Ails You, in the Amprosia anthology edited by Heather O’Connor. (2013)

I have published one or two short stories in each volume of an anthology titled Twisted Tails (volumes 2 thru 6), edited by J. Richard Jacobs and published by Double Dragon publishing. (2006-2011)

Short stories published on my website.

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Paranormal

Patrimony – do your parents ever really approve of your lifestyle?

Country Life part 1 – Country Days – what are the crows squawking about?

Country Life part 2 – Country Nights – the life and times of June bugs

Hardware – ghosts in the hinges

An App Fairy Tale: in honour of Tell a Fairy Tale Day. – silly tropes

On a Wednesday Afternoon – a letter from God, to me

Slams (performed poetry)

The Cult of Sleeping In – on laziness

Enter Username and Password – just let me onto the damn website

Consenting Adults – the new political correctness

Time Change – what are we saving with Daylight Savings Time?

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