Good Friday News

This post is a little more casual than a business blog but since it’s a holiday, I’m exercising a little artistic license.

Good Friday News

On a lazy holiday Friday1, I peruse the news. I’m struck by how many stories there are about emerging technology, even scientific findings, and how they might effect our lives.

So, first, kudos to the CBC for a front page that I think is full of interesting, innovative stories. There’s home DNA tests, Facebook following everyone, Apple getting a patent on using a selfie as a password and full moon myths. Where to start – perhaps with this scientist’s favourite.

In this article, Howling at the Moon and at Scientific Myths, I particularly like the theme and could hug Bob McDonald, the author, for the statement ‘But I haven’t done that experiment, which is exactly the point.’ That is one of the points I try to make in my opinion piece Comic Book Science. Proving things, like the influence of the full moon on human behaviour is BORING. Urban myths are more entertaining. But so too is experiencing an awesome natural phenomena, like the blood moon. No theorems, laws of man or media hype can equal goosebumps thrilling down the back of my neck as I watch a wonder like an eclipse or full moon.

How many posts will there be on Facebook and other social media of tonight’s resplendent moon? The story that Facebook is tracking people who don’t even have Facebook accounts doesn’t surprise me. I find the internet is becoming creepy. All sorts of apps and software want to store my documents, photos and everything else in their cloud. Why? Am I a cynic for thinking it’s not an altruistic desire to help me out? There must be an agenda.

And speaking of access to personal information, this article asks if it’s appropriate for an insurer or employer to ask about your genetic makeup. There are kits now available to individual consumers to identify their genetic traits. I could write books about what these might mean (but not today, it is a lazy day). But it is another point to ponder at the intersection of business and biology.

The story about the Apple patent is interesting because it is a thing as old as Homo sapiens (that is how we decided who we’d let into the cave and sleep beside – by looking at their face and recognizing them), but figuring out how to get a machine (iPhone) to do it is not trivial.

Thanks to the news, my brain’s been politely woken from my mid morning slumber, nudged into gratitude for living in such thought provoking times and still able to experience the wonder of our earth, governed by natural laws, which we can only study and appreciate, not alter.


1. Despite my lack of observance of Christian religious dates, I harbour a lingering ‘feel’ for them. Good Friday is solemn day, not meant for the exuberant hoopla of say, May 24 (pronounced two-four) weekend.


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