Short Story – Patrimony

She rested in the shadows, the damp retaining wall at her back, and ran her tongue from one to the other of her overdeveloped canine teeth. The taste of blood lingered.

Though her hunger had been sated, her mind still reeled from what had just transpired.

Her intentions were shrouded in conflict when she had decided to visit her father this evening.

Would she always resent his attitude ? His attitude towards her kind?

Why did she answer him at all?

After a year of silence, he had called.

 Dutifully, she answered.

 Too many times she had tried to convince him of the advantages. Youth. Immortality. Mystery.

 To exist forever at the fringe of humanity, almost a part, never wholly revealed. But a member of an elite, other community.

“You convince me of nothing.” His words slashed into her core. His bite sharper than any other’s. She, defenceless against his attacks.

 Tonight, the circumstances had been different.

 He was conciliatory. He asked careful questions. Thoughtful. Interested. Not the usual combative tone.

 In the end, she understood. He was dying.

 Did he glamour her? He hadn’t asked, yet she felt compelled to act.

 Tonight, she had turned her father.

 Was it a desperate act of self-preservation he made?  Or an act of contrition, born of love and achieved by personal sacrifice?

 She knew that if she asked him this question, she could never be sure if his answer was true.

 Just as she knew she could not answer herself. Was it her love for him that made her want to save him? Or did she act in triumph, gaining the ultimate proof that she was right?

 It both disturbed and comforted her that they were so similar.

 She believed she acted with the single-mindedness of her own freewill.

 But every action of hers turned out to be a mere reflection of him, of his mirky motives and desires.

 Patrimony superseded all.

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